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What Fenn can do for you?

OEM Services

Fenn Bring your ideas to life.
Fenn offers OEM Services for ceramic tableware. We can customize and design products to fit your specific needs and requirements, and help you to work out the project.

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ODM Services

Additionally, Fenn offers ODM Services for ceramic tableware. Our collections are updated on a monthly basis, we have our own design team that manufactures unique and high-quality products to help our client increase sales.

Fenn Own Design

One-stop For Tableware

Improving customer satisfaction is what Fenn has been doing. So we also source other tableware items for our clients such as glasses, stainless steel knives, forks, candlesticks, napkins, and tablecloths to save our clients’ purchasing process and cost.

One-Stop For Tableware

Door to Door Service

We can also provide you with door-to-door service, especially for bulk orders, we will match you with the most cost-effective freight forwarder, so you don’t need to worry about transportation chores.

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Wide Custom Options for Your Unique Ceramic Tableware Solutions


We offer the option to produce ceramic items in different measurements to ensure that you get the right options for your need.


You have a wide range of color glaze options to consider which will help you better position yourself in the market and bring in some unique pieces.


Our custom solutions feature the production of ceramic items in different shapes to help ensure that they fit in with your style and applications.


Different patterns designs options are available. Your brand label also can be customized on the ceramic item.

Our Product

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Dinner plate as one of the essential items on the table, safety, and durability is the most important, the style is also the focus of consumer attention. Fenn has automatic production lines to make plates, huge annual output, and stable quality will be your best choice.

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The mug is a single item that can be seen everywhere in daily life, we pay attention to practicality, at the same time, also according to the modern personalized aesthetics of people’s constantly updated design style. The mugs are suitable for a wide range of occasions, offices, homes, gifts, hotels, and restaurants, Fenn can customize them according to the needs of different scenarios in terms of shape, color, glaze, and packaging.

product bowl


Light food is a popular lifestyle nowadays, especially for simple families, and ceramic bowls are undoubtedly a sales pioneer. “Food Bowl” is quite popular for young people, office workers, and the fitness crowd, large capacity, personalized bowls will be an excellent choice for restaurant orders. Come to Fenn, with a wide range of styles and sizes, there is always something to suit your market.

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Dining Accessories

Over the years, we have been committed to serving our customers in order to grow together, and we are honored to have the trust of many customers. In order to help customers reduce the procurement process and save time in procuring matching tableware items, we also provide tableware accessories. Such as glassware, stainless steel knives and forks, etc.

About Us

Fenn is a ceramic tableware manufacturer located in southern China with nearly 30 years of production experience. We offer an extensive range including dinner sets, cups & mugs as well more! With around 200 workers on staff and an annual output of 60 million pieces per year. Focusing primarily on providing customers with high-quality goods that meet international standards while also offering customization options such as ODM/OEM services, offering a wide range of ceramic tableware for the wholesale market, enjoy great customer service from the team here today by contacting us now.

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Fenn Ceramic Tableware Manufacturer
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